Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 6 Game Unisex Jacket

Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 6 Game Unisex Jacket


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We are keen to help you get the best size first time and have provided individual sizing charts for each jacket, coat and waistcoat style. It is important to note that leather garments are crafted from tailored leather panels which do not contain elastic properties common to many modern day fabrics such as a jumper, stretchy top, tunic style top or loose fitting top. Therefore when selecting a size in a leather garment you should consider what your usual size is most typically in a jacket or a suit that does not have stretch properties, that is to say you should identify your jacket size and the size you most often buy or vary between (i.e. not a size you have managed to fit into on a very odd occasion which is not representative of your main wardrobe sizing).

Women's Size Guide


  • Black leather jacket for men
  • Inspired by the attire of Leon Kennedy
  • From the video game Resident Evil 6
  • Beautiful design
  • Flap pockets on the chest
  • Grey stripes on sleeves for added glamour


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