How to Style a Leather Jacket When Traveling

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How to Style a Leather Jacket When Traveling

How to Style a Leather Jacket When Traveling

How to Style a Leather Jacket When Traveling

The thought of traveling can be joyful and gloomy at the same time. The joy of visiting new places, witnessing sceneries you haven’t seen before and exploring new horizons. The worry of constantly looking out for your belongings like passport, identity cards , credit cards (although that should be your priority) can tone down your excitement levels.

Whatever the situation, you want the best version of yourself to be out there in terms of fashion and style. Whether a motorcycle ride to travel someplace magical or an airplane journey to your favorite destination, you want to dress properly.

A leather jacket can be your go to travel buddy if you want to pull off an edgy and sophisticated look. From bomber jackets to long coats, there are a variety of leather jackets to choose from. So many options can literally overwhelm you with selecting the right pick to style a leather jacket.

Good thing you got us for that! We will help you to style a leather jacket with other clothing options so that you could be the ultimate fashionista whenever you travel.

Lets see how you can style a leather jacket with your other wardrobes. But first! Let us explain why having a leather jacket when you travel, will be an excellent choice.

Stand Out, Everywhere
Whether it’s a club night out with friends or a daily commute to your workplace, a leather jacket stays relevant. A leather jacket is always trendy and can make you stand out in the fashion game without trying too hard. You can be the star of a gathering and can have all the attention just for yourself.

You want to look your absolute best and feel equally comfortable when you step out of your house. Whenever you are about to style a leather jacket with your other clothing options, always place your comfort first. A leather jacket can be layered to help you ease in your long haul flights or a motorcycle ride. The inner lining of the jacket not only feels good against your skin but also provides a snug and comfortable feeling.

Keeps You Warm and Snug
If you are a dweller of the north then you want to dress up to protect yourself from the cold weather. Lucky for you a leather jacket is just the right option for you to have in your wardrobe collection. It will be helpful in your outings in cold snowy weather and can save you from dirt and windy conditions. Not only will it keep you warm and snug, it can be layered with other apparel to bring that extra edge in your style.

Made for Travelers
Believe us when we say that it is hard to find the right clothes to accompany you when traveling. A leather jacket is perfect for you if you are a travel freak. Its ability to last in your rough journeys make it a wonderful addition in your wardrobe. A leather jacket looks beautiful with the passing of time, if you care for it.

Now that these pointers are out of the way, you probably have an understanding of why a leather jacket will be packing in some extra features whenever you head out of your house. Let’s jump into the discussion of how to style a leather jacket with different clothing options.

We will list out some of the ways you can rock a leather jacket when traveling. Whether you want a bold and rough look or a dapper and classy one, we believe that you will find the right combination after pairing it with a leather jacket.

The Classic T-shirt and Jeans Combo

The combination of a leather jacket with a T-Shirt and jeans could never go wrong. With a variety of styling options to choose from, you can pick whatever style you prefer of a jacket. You can have a bomber jacket for more comfort and style or a motorcycle jacket for more safety and protection when traveling on a bike, the options are limitless.

If you have a black or brown leather jacket, you can pair it beautifully with jeans and a T-shirt. You can go with a simple white T-shirt and blue, black or grey jeans. Add some sneaker shoes and accessories like a rimmed hat, a leather strapped watch or a messenger bag for a perfect carry on option. You can always experiment with the colors and styles to see whatever suits you best.

Sweater, Sweatpants and a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is perfect to go with a sweater if you are looking to add that extra layer of clothing. It could come in handy when you are traveling to, or live in a cold and windy place. You could choose from a wide range of leather jackets. From a simple leather jacket to an asymmetrical style, from a letterman jacket to a leather jacket with a fur lining for extra warmth, it’s your choice to make.

This combination of sweater and a leather jacket can be paired with sweatpants for your daily outings and can add an extra bit of athleticism as well. This way to style a leather jacket will make you stand out with comfort


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