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1920s Mens Fashion

1920s Mens Fashion

How to Bring 1920s Mens Fashion Back

The jazz age, also known as the roaring 1920s, was a peak time in the western economy when wealth, culture, and technology were rapidly evolving. Jazz music was introduced to the mainstream, which also influenced the roaring 20s men’s attire.

Men dressed up in pinstripe suits were the classiest thing you would come across. Thanks to The Great Gatsby and shows like Peaky Blinders, 1920s men’s fashion is making a comeback, so you don’t have to wait for any costume party to showcase your style. Here is how to recreate the 1920s look.

Men’s Business Outfit

Business attire of the 1920s comprised two and three-piece suits, sometimes even double-breasted, the suit constituted the businessmen’s everyday attire. Here is how to ensemble your 20s style business attire, including a hat, suit, shirt, and shoes.

1920s Men’s Suit:

Separates weren’t very common at that period; therefore, wear a coat and pants of the same colors like blue with blue, black with black, and brown with brown. Most fashionable men wore double-breasted waistcoats with single-breasted coats, ideally having a peak lapel; you can copy the same style and also exaggerate it with some pinstripes and patterns.

Men wore colored suits more often like grey, different shades of brown, and blue but seldom black.  When it comes to design, the suits were made of textured fabrics like wool, tweed, and corduroy; seersucker suits were also popular during summer. Other than that, suits with patterns like stripes, plaid, and check were popular.

1920s Business Hat:

Hats were an integral part of the 1920s men’s outfit; however, the style depended on the class you belong to; for example, the working class usually wore a newsboy cap while the business class was seen wearing a top homburg hat.

During summers, straw boaters were a staple for both middle and upper-class men. For this look, you would preferably want to get a top hat or homburg hat; alternatively, a fedora would work too.

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Chunky Knit Sweater and Newsboy Cap

Casual styles were incomplete without golf sweaters and new boy caps; you can wear them with relaxed-fit striped pants and any white shirt in your closet. Complete the look with a pair of white sports shoes for a tennis-inspired casual outfit.


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