About us

Our Company

Bagywagy is a small British business that is passionate about sourcing and supplying genuinely high-quality fashion leather and sheepskin jackets and coats at affordable and competitive prices.


Through the network of suppliers that we use we are very proud to extend over 25 years combined experience in stylists and makers of leather jackets and leather coats. Our range offers a huge choice of fashion designs as well as timeless classic styles in a range of sizes and fits.


We aim to deliver premium and superior quality leather garments at affordable prices as we continuously strive to deliver great value for money. Sizing charts are detailed for each style to help you get the best fit first time. We were the first UK online leather jacket and coat retailer to provide a customised size chart for each individual style. Interestingly others have since followed our lead!

All transactions are highly secure using the latest encryption technology powered through Stripe, the UK’s trusted secure payment partner to UK banking system. Stripe is a secure online payment gateway which facilitates card and debit card authorisations through VISA and MasterCard.


 All the testimonials detailed on this web site are genuine and have been directly provided by actual customers that have made purchases from our website. We are more than happy to provide proof to an independent quality assesment organisation upon request.



Our Pricing

Whilst we compare our prices against those in fashion high street retail outlets, the quality of the leather jackets we offer is equivalent to that of top high street designer lables that have an average retail price of between £300 to £400 yet we have not used these price guidelines to illustrate the value for money we are offering. So, if you want the look and feel of top high street designer labels, but don’t want to pay their prices, you have come to the right place!


The typical prices detailed on the web site are based on general high street and shop prices from various retail outlets that are either dedicated to leather jackets, coats and or gilets, or that sell a selection of these.


The purpose of detailing the typical price and our price is to illustrate the quality and design of the actual garment, and to provide a guideline price against what you would typically pay for the same or similar quality garment in a mainstream shop outlet.


High street prices are reviewed on a regular basis on both existing and new styles.

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